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Hosting de soporte TI de una empresa, mejor conocido como hosting, is the hosting storage service where virtual servers are used, with high performance, capacity and availability. This is the most suitable environment for a company's critical applications, offering exclusive resources for virtual server projects, in an environment that hosts databases, applications and all other IT needs.

Hosting is a solution for  data storage  developed according to the needs of your company, and also has specialized technical support services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With an SLA of 99.98%, we offer high performance in the operation, ensuring that the site is always available.

For customers who want full autonomy in server management, we provide the option of remote access to operating system settings. In addition, your team manages your environment 100%, enabling activities such as creating email accounts, DNS records, website database and file management, among others.

The hiring of resources for processing cores, memory, disk area in storage, communication, license and other services are possible variables, according to customer demand. At any time, additional services are contracted for your company.

Carry out the hosting contract hosting at Armazém Cloud is simple, just talk to one of our attendants for the demand to be effected right now and best of all, the service is 100% Brazilian. Click here and request your quote.

How can Armazém Cloud help my company?

Our specialized team guarantees maximum security and zero headaches for you. Together with your company and according to your demand, we define the frequency and capacity of the security backup service and you pay only for what you use.

If it is necessary to increase the storage space of your data, just ask the Armazém technical team and you will not have extra expenses with this labor.

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The advantages of choosing our Data Center

Constant modernization in software and hardware

Custom projects

Specialized team available for support

24 hours a day, 7 days a week service guarantee

Armazém Cloud is 100% Brazilian and prices are charged in reais

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