Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery

Taking into account the companies' dependence on existing technology and infrastructure, hiring IT services from the Armazém Cloud, on an emergency or temporary basis, preventing data loss, is of great importance.

What is disaster recovery? Is the  storage solution involving a set of solid policies and procedures, which allow for the prevention, recovery of failures or continuation of the IT infrastructure and vital systems, as a result of natural or technical failures, power outages, human error, terrorist attacks, hacker attacks and natural disasters. This disaster recovery focuses on the IT or technology system that supports

The Armazém Cloud, 100% Brazilian, offers through disaster recovery, an option for your company to retrieve valuable information or continue operations quickly and efficiently. There are the most diverse services, such as links, high-performance servers, being made available on an urgent basis, with great processing, storage and communication capacity, and of course, always ensuring greater security for business processes.

The contracting of disaster recovery is done under the analysis of the factors necessary to perform the tasks, among them, the space for data storage, processing cores, memory, software licenses, operating systems, communication link and data backup. The work is carried out by a professional technical team from Armazém Cloud and the client, ensuring agility and the success of the operation.

Your IT infrastructure is available quickly, facilitating access and immediate retrieval of your data. The Armazém also offers a physical work space, so that the customer's team can be comfortable while performing the data recovery, with desks, internet and telephony available, if necessary.

How can Armazém Cloud help my company?

Our specialized team guarantees maximum security and zero headaches for you. Together with your company and according to your demand, we define the frequency and capacity of the security backup service and you pay only for what you use.

If it is necessary to increase the storage space of your data, just ask the Armazém technical team and you will not have extra expenses with this labor.

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The advantages of choosing our Data Center

Constant modernization in software and hardware

Custom projects

Specialized team available for support

24 hours a day, 7 days a week service guarantee

Armazém Cloud is 100% Brazilian and prices are charged in reais

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