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Due to technological need, preservation of existing assets or contractual requirements, the colocation service is the leasing of a physical space for the accommodation of your IT infrastructure, ideal for companies that need a safe and appropriate place, with quality of Armazém Cloud 100% Brazilian

The lease can be complete racks or rack units, the colocation service reduces implementation costs, labor, IT infrastructure maintenance, energy consumption and cooling.

In addition to the benefit of guardian reduction, the colocation It also provides fast hardware replacement, as all control over the equipment remains with Armazém Cloud. The infrastructure is planned, to obtain maximum safety of the equipment, precision air conditioning system and fire prevention and fighting system. (Novec 1230).

How can Armazém Cloud help my company?

Our specialized team guarantees maximum security and zero headaches for you. Together with your company and according to your demand, we define the frequency and capacity of the security backup service and you pay only for what you use.

If it is necessary to increase the storage space of your data, just ask the Armazém technical team and you will not have extra expenses with this labor.

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The advantages of choosing our Data Center

Constant modernization in software and hardware

Custom projects

Specialized team available for support

24 hours a day, 7 days a week service guarantee

Armazém Cloud is 100% Brazilian and prices are charged in reais

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