With demand for data intelligence and cybersecurity, Armazém Cloud expands and designs datacenter network

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25/10/2021 - General

With demand for data intelligence and cybersecurity, Armazém Cloud expands and designs datacenter network

Posted by: SC Inova Newsroom.

The Armazém Datacenter, which has been operating for 12 years with data security, begins a new phase in its development with the inauguration of the second unit, in the technology park Ágora Tech Park (Joinville/SC), expansion into new markets and a new brand: Armazém Cloud.

With more than a thousand customers in the country, including Ambev and the Public Ministry of Santa Catarina, Armazém inaugurated in 2021 the most modern datacenter in the South of the country – and the first to obtain TIER III certifications in design and facility, with investments in around US$ 10 million.

The building was specially built to house the datacenter, which has 72 racks, state-of-the-art infrastructure (suppliers such as Pure, Dell and Cisco, their own generators, 24/7 operations center with monitoring of cyberattacks in real time) and interconnected with the unit from Brusque over four 10 gigabyte fiber optic links, using different routes.

“We created a unique model of datacenter with interconnected units, with international standards and certifications and in the most secure way: in a building dedicated to operations”, explains Marcos Stefano, CEO of Armazem Cloud, a company founded in Brusque for over 10 years.

The new datacenter is located in a strategic environment: a technology park within a mini-industrial city, the Perini Business Park, where more than 250 companies earn more than R$5.2 billion/year. And next to the new Armazém unit is the Joinville campus of the Federal University of Santa Catarina. “In terms of expansion and new customers, in a few months we reached twice what we had planned for this first year”, comments Marcos.

Armazém also grows in the offer of colocation of equipment, adding partner companies that offer ready-made systems, technical support and even telecommunication operators. “We can take everything to the datacenter, with security and high availability, for the capacity we offer today. We realize that we are a lever for customer growth”, says the CEO. For 2022, it projects a 200% growth in revenue.

Armazém is also preparing the expansion of its units, with the creation of a network of datacenters spread throughout Brazil, designed for 10 units, to meet the growing demand of the market and the newly created vertical model. The third unit is already at an advanced stage of negotiations.


In the wake of this development, the company has strengthened its activities in areas such as cybersecurity, an increasingly latent demand in the market, from large to small companies – and public data, serving municipal governments. Another perspective is the performance of Armazém by verticals - such as agribusiness and health, newly created - to meet specific demands of some economic sectors, especially from the potential of future 5G networks.

“With the advancement of digital services to the population and the potential of smart cities, a challenge for public managers is the provision of quality and safety infrastructure. We are advancing in technology and high availability of services so that smart cities are a reality”, highlights Marcos.